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Viel Spaß mit einem Buch in der Hand. Mach es mit dem Buch The River doppelt so angenehm! Schließlich enttäuscht Peter Heller nie. Laden Sie das Online-Buch The River herunter und lesen Sie es!
ONE OF THE OBSERVER THRILLERS OF THE YEAR: 'GLORIOUS PROSE AND RAZOR-SHARP TENSION' 'LYRICAL AND ACTION-PACKED' Guardian 'I COULDN'T TURN THE PAGES FAST ENOUGH' Clare Mackintosh 'IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT DOWN, OR FORGET' Sunday Mirror 'GLORIOUS DRAMA AND LYRICAL FLAIR Denise Mina, New York Times Two friends Wynn and Jack have been best friends since their first day of college, brought together by their shared love the great outdoors. The adventure of a lifetime When they decide to canoe down the Maskwa River in northern Canada, they anticipate the ultimate wilderness experience: no phones, no fellow travellers, no way of going back. A wild ride But as a wildfire starts to make its way towards them, their trip becomes a desperate race for survival. And when a man suddenly appears, claiming his wife has vanished, the fight against the raging flames becomes a much deadlier game of cat and mouse.
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The Nile River was extremely important to settlement patterns in Egypt. The soil surrounding the Nile is very fertile, unlike the arid landscape typical in the rest of the country. The Nile is also featured in a number of Egyptian myths. It became so important to life and culture that it earned the nickname "the father of African rivers." The river used to flood on a yearly basis, but now ...

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river (plural rivers) A large and often winding stream which drains a land mass, carrying water down from higher areas to a lower point, oftentimes ending in another body of water, such as an ocean or in an inland sea. 1908, Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows By the side of the river he trotted as one trots, when very small, by the side of a man who holds one spell-bound by exciting ...