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Auf der WWW.BURNINGALM.DE-Website können Sie das Yoga for Americans-Buch herunterladen. Dies ist ein großartiges Buch des Autors Indra Devi. Wenn Sie Yoga for Americans im PDF-Format suchen, werden Sie bei uns fündig!
2015 Reprint of 1959 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Profusely Illustrated. Ever wish you could trade yourself in for a new model? You can-and yoga shows you how. Ancient India's science of Hatha Yoga gives you a vital, confident approach to the converging pressures and tensions of modern living. Practicing Yoga daily will relax and rejuvenate you in mind and body. You'll face every day with a fresh, buoyant energy that will make you feel years younger. Devi concentrates not only on the physical-culture aspects of Yoga-but also on the more spiritual forms as practiced in India. She gives you 6 practical lessons you can easily follow in your own home. Devi's 1-2-3 instructions are as specific and complete as if she were personally directing you in her own Hollywood studio. She takes you step by step from the first through the final stages of all the important Yoga postures, exercises and deep breathing. You learn how to do the 10 basic Yoga postures including the Headstand, the Lotus Pose, the Cobra Pose, the Twist, and others. As you combine these postures with the proper deep breathing, you will start to enjoy sounder sleep, a keener mind, and a happier disposition. Mental and muscular tensions will diminish- and you will discover new protections against colds, fevers, sore throats, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and other ailments. [From the Dust jacket]
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