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A wolf finds his jaguar soulmate...and their rebellious relationship brings danger only he can stop Dr. Cindy Shahi is resigned to being mateless, but her inner jaguar has needs that must be sated. An encounter with a deliciously sexy stranger is the perfect chance for a night of no-strings primal passion. Elias was content to be a lone wolf until the moment he laid eyes—and much more—on Cindy. Their intense attraction can mean only one thing: the mating call. And when it becomes clear someone isn't happy about their budding relationship, all of Elias's protective instincts go on high alert. He'll do anything to keep Cindy safe—and convince her that he intends to claim her as his own, no matter what.
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Description : The Heart of the Jaguar is a novel set in the jungle of Brazil, notably in the wilderness of the Rio Negro in an environment of gold diggers, bandits, Indians and adventurers. The key figure is a bush-pilot in search of his true identity. The books heroes and heroines are as fresh and unconventional as the novel itself. The tale reveals interesting facts ands challenges the ...

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