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Elizabeth Gill ist ein großartiger Autor, der selten enttäuscht. Orphan Boy ist keine Ausnahme. Lesen Sie das Buch Orphan Boy auf unserer Website im PDF-, ePUB- oder MOBI-Format.
Will he ever find the life he longs for? Born to a mother who died in childbirth and an uninterested father, Niall McAndrew grows up a solitary child, without a home to call his own. His only friend is Bridget, a young girl forced prematurely into womanhood. Niall has brains, spirit and ambition, as well as being blessed with handsome good looks. But his loveless childhood has left its mark. Can he ever find the happiness he yearns for? A moving and uplifting tale of a young boy with big dreams... From the bestselling author of Far From My Father's House and Miss Appleby's Academy comes a rags-to-riches tale of one man's determination to succeed. Perfect for fans of Maggie Hope and Diane Allen.
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Great article here by a prestigious US press Orphanite who flew all the way over to Grimsby to meet the Orphans. Many thanks to Wright Thompson.

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