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Teri Terry ist ein großartiger Autor, der selten enttäuscht. Dark Matter 3: Evolution ist keine Ausnahme. Lesen Sie das Buch Dark Matter 3: Evolution auf unserer Website im PDF-, ePUB- oder MOBI-Format.
Into the fire ... Don't miss the final part of this breathtaking trilogy from Teri Terry, multi award-winning author of the SLATED trilogy. Shay has followed Xander and joined his mysterious scientific cult at their remote Scottish compound. She's desperately searching for Callie, who went missing before the start of the epidemic that kills 95% of cases, and leaves a tiny number of survivors with astonishing new powers. Can Shay uncover the truth about the origins of the epidemic, find Callie and perhaps even rekindle her relationship with Kai? Or will Xander's grand plans destroy them all for ever?
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Dark Matter #3: Evolution Award-winning author/illustrator by Teri Terry (author) Enlarge cover. Suitable for 12 - 17 years. Part of the following pack: Dark Matter Trilogy ; This product has not been rated yet. 0 reviews (Add a review) Share this page: Share on Twitter; Share on Pinterest; Share on Facebook; 473 reviews Customer Experience 4.6/5 "Good, efficient and quick service!" —Mrs ...

Evolution (Dark Matter #3) by Teri Terry

matter-dominated radiation-dominated Figure 3: Evolution of the scale factor a(t) for the closed Friedmann Universe. In both matter- and radiation-dominated closed Universes, the evolution is cycloidal — the scale factor grows at an ever-decreasing rate until it reaches a point at which the expansion is halted and reversed. The Universe then ...